Executive Management

Talal Al Awadhi CEO

Starting from being a customer since 1997, to being a key person during the restructuring of KuwaitNET™ in 2008. Talal is an executive who takes care of drawing out the strategy of the company; equipped with an intensive background of Web, IT, and Business Development. Having studied MIS at the Kuwait University he soon put his talents into an international company, early innovators in their field on the world market. Having had his footprint on the internet with various local web-projects since 1999, his entrepreneurial spirit found a steady place fulfilling his duties as Business Director at KuwaitNET™ since his arrival at the company.

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Bashar Al Abdulhadi CTO

The entrepreneur behind the existence of KuwaitNET™ since 1997, with a vast experience and personal interest in Open Source technologies and the whole Web related experience. Bashar plays a key role in defining the technical direction being a technology driven company like KuwaitNET™. His extensive experience in NGOs as well as his know-how with relation to the actual coding aspects of all of KuwaitNET™'s operations allows him to be involved not only in the direction of the company but with all of the “soft” aspects as well.

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